Stunning examples of up-close underwater imaging.  Taken in the Philippines by Frogdogz Photography advisor Muriel Spychala 

​Short message and overview of Vivid-Pix from our friend Rick Voight 

Watch Vivid-Pix in Action!

Patented image science provides
1-click improvement to LAND & SEA SCUBA photos.

Due to the unique lighting conditions and buoyancy challenges of taking colorful, sharp, bright pictures underwater, Vivid-Pix LAND & SEA SCUBA software was developed for the unique needs of Divers.

Underwater photographers use lighting, lens filters, and difficult-to-use software to improve their images...

Utilizing LAND & SEA SCUBA, it is now Fast & Easy to improve your images.

You've been on the trip, dove the sites and taken the pictures, now what?

Use Vivid-Pix to transform your pictures into something really outstanding! 

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