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At FROGDOGZ SCUBA, we know about the amazing connection that occurs when you are diving underwater and start exploring a whole new world. Let us guide you on that amazing journey.

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For SCUBA CERTIFICATIONS...Our staff of  PADI certified SCUBA professionals can help you move from novice to Dive Master and everything in between, keeping you safe all along the way. Classes forming every week, so sign up today at our dive shop

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There is no other activity in the world that can match being underwater, weightless and free. 

FROGDOGZ SCUBA is devoted to giving our clients in the Northwest Arkansas region the scuba experience, knowledge and skills to enter this thrilling environment and take them on a lifetime journey of discovery and adventure!

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Rick Downum


Rick Downum

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TIP of the WEEK...

Buoyancy Control

  • Minimize your weighting
  • Relax
  • Add/Subtract air in small amounts
  • Use your lungs, not your BC for slight temporary changes

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